ELT Professional

Play a role in teaching English professionally by continuing to develop learning approaches and methods that are innovative and sophisticated (with national and global standards).


Participating in the field of professional translation both Indonesian-English or vice versa (English-Indonesian) in specific fields such as entertainment (movie subtitling), legal texts, engineering economics and finance (engineering), and medical (medical translations). Moreover, the translator is also expected to be able to adapt with the latest technology in the field of translation includes both the computer-mediated translation, machine translations, or mobile-based translations      

Applied Linguist

BP ELE graduates are able to become experts in the field of applied linguistics who have the skills and abilities that are qualified in analyzing the language (English) through the perspective of linguistics. The Linguistic science that is intended will be integrated with empirical investigations about linguistic aspects.

BIPA Instructor

Graduates of ELE has the ability of English as the language of introduction into the basis for teaching Bahasa Indonesia for Speakers of Foreign. In addition, it can apply the approaches, methods, and advanced techniques of teaching BIPA.


Plays well professionally as an interpreter (Indonesian-English and vice versa; the English-Indonesia) and has the competence as a good language mastery (complete mastery of the language), mastery of the field of special (specialized interpreting ), the speed and accuracy of translation is good ( speed & accuracy).



Edupreneurship or educational entrepreneurship is a condition where the graduates are expected to be able to initiatively to open jobs in the field of education / education. In this case, specifically UIB English Education graduates are expected to be independent and create opportunities and innovations in the field of education especially English / Indonesian and implement it into business ideas.


Graduates of study programs in English Education (ELE) UIB can also be a career in the field of journalism and media as a result of rapid media development requires communication skills in the language used by global, namely English. The competencies of graduates who have been equipped when studying at ELE UIB.

Textbook writer

ELE UIB graduates are able to create and participate in the publication of reference books and teaching and learning English references