Bachelor Program of English Language Education (BP ELE) which is placed under the Faculty of Sciences of Education (FIP). BP ELE was officially established on September 13, 2016 marked by the issuance of the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 317 / KPT / I / 2016.

BP ELE organized by market needs analysis which showed the need for the community to the development of knowledge in particular fields of English Language Education, the need of teacher of English Language who is able to teach English Language Education at formal and informal education institution, Indonesian to Speakers of Foreign (BIPA), and translator in the region of Batam.

BP ELE also have to align the vision, mission and purpose by leading into the context of the global with the target of having graduate who have the knowledge and experience of working at the national and international level so that they are able to compete at the level of Asia who in accordance with FIP and UIB. Moreover, the BP ELE is a bachelor program that emphasizes standards of quality internationally for its graduates in the fields of education, research and community service that are applicative and innovative and is supported by strong cooperative network.


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I choose ELE because I personally like English and think I want to focus more on learning about the language which I find it interesting

I got to experience many international activities since English has been an important thing at most ceremonies or activities at the University, My English skill has been used quite often and it makes me become a better speaker with different types of experience that was quite fun yet challenging at the same time.

Gea Carnando (1761018)

English language education became ‘my pick’ to develop my interest in language, and to increase work opportunities also new experiences even though I was originally from an accounting program when I was in vocational high school. I would love to say that people should aware if English is such a huge thing of something that you can have. There are many possibilities when you’re engaged in English. You can work as an educator, author, entertainer, translator, etc. You can do what you love in English through writing or else. Even you can teach foreigners because of your fluency in English.

So, why not?

 English Study program is a challenging future to own.

Chairunisa (1761015)